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100 Years

100 Years

100 Years100 Years

Women won the right to vote 100 years ago, yet no woman has represented our district. I'm running to change that!

Claire's Announcement

Claire Gustafson for Congress

A Member Of The Community

Active in her community, Claire is currently the President of Camden County New Jersey Republican Women, a former school board member in Collingswood, a former soccer and Little League coach and a member of Collingswood’s historic commission. She’s owned her own small business for over 30 years and is married with four sons, one daughter and several grandchildren.

It's Time To Send A Republican Woman To The House Of Representatives

When we cast our ballots for Congress, it’ll mark 100 years of women having the right to vote AND we’ve never had a woman in Congress from New Jersey’s first district. I’m running for Congress to change that!

There hasn’t been a Republican in Congress from our district since Jim Florio won election in 1974. If you’re unhappy with the way things are maybe it’s time to end single party rule.

Think about this, the City of Camden hasn’t had a Republican mayor since Frederick von Neida was ousted by George Edward Brunner in 1936. Camden has had a Democrat as a state Senator and Democrats as members of the Assembly since the 40-district legislative map was created in 1973. Maybe it’s time for voters in Camden to try something different and send a Republican woman to Congress.


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Together, we can crack the political machine that rules South Jersey AND PUT A WOMAN IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.