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Illegal Immigration

 Illegal immigration is not a new problem and “amnesty” programs only make the problem of illegal immigration worse. The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act granted legal status to 2.7 million illegal aliens and led to one of the greatest waves of illegal immigration in our nation’s history. After the invention of DACA we have seen a huge increase in unaccompanied minors illegally crossing our southern border and receiving temporary legal status. Rewarding bad behavior is never a good idea. We must stop illegal immigration and stop rewarding bad behavior. DACA rewards the children of illegal aliens for sneaking across the border. Amnesty rewards bad behavior. Let’s build the wall to help prevent more illegal border crossings and stop rewarding bad behavior. 


Sanctuary States

Sanctuary city and state policies are ways to reward bad behavior. These policies must end immediately. 



We have allowed the Democrats to frame the debate on abortion. They make the argument that abortion is about “reproductive rights.” They falsely claim abortion is a choice when the truth is the majority of the time the “choice” is made before conception – a simple trip to the “family planning aisle” at the drug store could prevent an unwanted pregnancy. For me, abortion is never an option, but I also understand there are exceptions to every rule and in cases of rape or in the extremely rare risk of life to the mother I believe the decision should be left to the mother, her doctor and her God. 


Second Amendment

We must end the assault on our Second Amendment. In 2008 the Supreme Court settled the matter (District of Columbia et al v. Heller) writing in part, “The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes…” I strongly oppose any attempt to create a national registry and believe in the individual’s right to keep and bear arms. 



The current impeachment nonsense is a joke and nothing more than the Democrats attempt to overturn the results of an election they were unhappy with, the nonsense must stop immediately. 



Creating economic opportunity has to be more than just whining about the recent scandals revolving around the EDA tax breaks. According to a published report the FBI is investigating and I’m hopeful they’ll do their job and get those responsible.

I choose to look at what leaders are doing to generate economic opportunity. One such leader is Greenwich Township (Gibbstown) Mayor George W. Shivery, Jr. Under Mayor Shivery’s leadership the town now has a privately funded port being developed. The development of that port has led to another investor looking to build a warehouse in the township, again privately funded. This is happening in our district on the Delaware River, the same river Camden sits on. Why isn’t it happening in Camden? It’s not happening in Camden because folks there have had a Democrat as mayor for over 80 years, Democrats in the Assembly and state Senate since 1973 and a Democrat in Congress for over 40 years. Try something different, elect a Republican and I promise things will change.

In Congress I’ll work to create a business-friendly environment by removing onerous regulations. 

More Issues Coming

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